Welcome to The Audacity of Her

The Audacity of Her
The Audacity of Her
Welcome to The Audacity of Her

Hi I’m Cayden…

It’s a new year and new levels of my personal journey are underway so I said, “Why not officially debut The Audacity of Her Podcast.” The Audacity of Her was created as a safe space to encourage connection and healing through storytelling. We’re all on a personal journey that can bring us together when we share lessons, wins, and what’s unseen. Let’s take a deeper dive into living audaciously authentic. You might hear your story in her story. It all starts with you!

I’ve been holding on to the idea of this podcast for a while. And if I’m 100% honest it’s not just a podcast, it’s a platform. There is more to come from TAOH and I would rather show you than tell you.

Make sure you tune in every week, subscribe and join me, well us on this journey of radical honesty, growth audacious authenticity.

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